An der Droste unterrichten wir in allen 9. Klassen (außer in der 9a mit Französischbetonung) das Fach Geografie bilingual (deutsch/englisch). Dies wird pro Halbjahr in einem Modul von etwa 8 Unterrichtsstunden umgesetzt. Es ermöglicht den Schülerinnen und Schülern themenspezifisches Wissen und Vokabular in der Zielsprache zu erwerben. Das Thema USA ist hierzu besonders geeignet.

Seit dem Schuljahr 2016/2017 bieten wir aufgrund der großen Nachfrage zusätzlich in der 9. Klasse das Wahlpflichtfach Geografie auch durchgängig bilingual an.

Seit 2017/2018 bieten wir in der 9. Klasse nun auch das Wahlpflichtfach Kunst bilingual an. 

Dies stärkt das Sprachenprofil der Schule und fördert die Chancen unserer Lernenden in der globalisierten Welt in besonderem Maße.



Foto Trinity_College_DublinMonday, 11 July 2016

Our first day of the Dublin tour. But the first day did not start in Dublin. We met at the entrance of the airport "Flughafen-Schönefeld". After we checked in we had to wait a long time for the airplaine. After some time we received the information that our airplane's landing was delayed by about 1.5 hours, so we took our time to waste our money in the typical high-priced stores at airports.

Finally we arrived in Dublin. Then we took a bus to get to our hostel ( It was a sunny and warm day with some clouds in the sky. As we walked through the city of Dublin we could see beautiful old buildings everywhere.

So, after some instructions given by the owners of the hostel everyone went into their small room filled just with beds, no table or chair. Everyone had a small bathroom with water that tasted as if it was full of chlorine. But it was enough to survive.

After a bit of a pause we did a tour around the city. We walked past some beautiful buildings like Leinster House, Saint Patrick's Cathedral, City Hall... and we also walked through St. Stephen´s Green and St. Patrick´s Park. The sky turned cloudy, it got colder and the tour was exhausting for everyone because of the flight. It was a bit too much for almost everyone on the first day. So we shortened our route to get to the hostel more quickly.

As we came back we all ordered pizza to not get hungry into bed. At the end of the day we were on our own (without our teachers). So we walked around the streets to see some pubs and markets and lots of other stuff.

Darius and Desirée

At the second day of the Dublin tour we took a small trip to Howth. A place with beautiful nature and a glamorous view of the ocean.

Exploring Dublin – Our class trip to Ireland (LK Englisch, Frau Marbach)
In September 2015, we finally arrived in Dublin, after a long time of waiting and excitement. Dublin is a beautiful small city which we mostly explored by foot. Impressive buildings like Trinity College or St Patrick’s Cathedral were definitely worth the visit, as the whole city in general, where most of the houses are old and remind you of past times. Also, the parks were enjoyable due to the shining sun and the mild climate you have on the island. Most pleasant was our day in Howth, an outer district of Dublin, where we hiked at the shore. I didn’t imagine Ireland’s nature to be so diverse, the shore and cliffs were full of flowers and other plants. To sum up, Dublin is a wonderful city to visit!
Meltem O.

On our classtrip to Dublin in September 2015, we visited many different places. Whether it was the famous Trinity College or St. Patrick’s Cathedral, we always had a reason to get excited for our daily trips. Even though on some days the weather wasn’t that nice (it was pretty cold and windy), it didn’t hold us back from visiting Dublin in all its facets. One of my favourite day trips was when we visited the small town of Howth on the east coast of Ireland where we hiked at the shore for quite a while. Although being the only boy on the trip could sometimes get pretty exhausting, the class trip was great and we learned a lot about Dublin/Ireland by listening to students’ presentations about various topics and overall had a lot of fun.
Alexander T.

The most beautiful day we spent in Howth, a small peninsula close to Dublin. The
wheater was great, and so was our attitude and excitement about the following
hours. Hiking, talking and enjoying the breathtaking views. After listening to some of our
prepared presentations about the island, we were free to go on our own, some
walked around, the others enjoyed the sun. But we, Toni and Helli, went
down to the ocean. Sitting at the beach we then decided to go into the
water. The water was cold, but we ran into it. I think, we both had a
really happy moment that fixed our friendship even better.
Beside this beautiful, captured moment, we think all of us made experiences
and created memories that will stay, with a smile on our face, in our
Helmine S.

I really enjoyed exploring the city without having to take lots of
trains. It's all really closeby so you have the chance to find small
little shops, restaurants and more you wouldn't find in a tourist guide book. One
day we went to the oldest Fish'n Chips shop in Dublin and I was excited to
finally taste the legendary fast food. But it was really expensive and I do
prefer our bratwurst.
Dublin is a lovely small city with pretty architecture and has some
funny-speaking inhabitants. What I liked most about this trip was that it truly
brought all members of my class closer to each other. We slept in a
10-bed-room with just one bathroom and still barely had trouble. This created beautiful
memories and the trip changed the climate in our English class in school
enormously. Since we all traveled together, learned more about each other and
had a lot of fun, the 5 lessons every week definitely don't feel like every
other boring class.

Antonia W.

As we jumped on the plane to Dublin, I knew this classtrip was going to be
incredibly pleasant for everyone being part of it. I had been to Dublin
before, but this time was different. The weather was (mostly) very nice and we
got to see a couple museums and also the Trinity College, which was mainly
impressive considering that it is one of the oldest colleges. Another day well
spent was the day we went to Howth, which is a penninsula. We discovered seals
in the ocean and hiked along the coast. I think over all, we really bonded as
a group and enjoyed taking a little time off from school, even though we had
to prepare short student talks.

Aurelia S.

Carla B. 

Right after the summer holidays our English class made a trip to Dublin, the capital of Ireland.
After we had arrived at the airport, we got onto a bus that brought us to the hostel, which was located very close to the town centre.
At first, we checked in, stored our luggage away, and after that, our group went on a walk to explore parts of the city.
What stood out to me immediately was the Liffey, a river which flows through Dublin and supplies much of its water. At night, my classmates and I often strolled along the promenade and admired the view of the streetlights that were reflecting in the dark water.
Speaking of water, our group enjoyed the day-trip to Ireland’s coast very much as well.
A few brave people even took a swim in the cold ocean.
We had a stunning view from the cliff over the Irish sea and although we were walking through shrubs and over rocks for a couple of hours, everybody enjoyed themselves a lot during the hike!
All in all, we collected memories, that will stay in our minds and make it tempting to visit Ireland’s capital once more.



Meine Freundin und ich haben dieses Jahr drei Wochen mit English-Experience in England verbracht. Von unserer Gastfamilie wurden wir sofort mit offenen Armen aufgenommen. Wir hatten jeden Tag Unterricht, in dem wir viel über Scarborough und umliegende Orte erfahren haben. Nachmittags wurden meist Ausflüge unternommen und ich hatte die Chance Dinge auszuprobieren, die ich normalerweise nicht machen würde, wie Wasserskifahren oder surfen. Während aller Aktivitäten wurde mit uns englisch gesprochen, aber es war immer verständlich. Für mich war es eine tolle Erfahrung, da ich jetzt viel sicherer in der Sprache bin und eine Menge Erfahrungen mit nach Hause gebracht habe.
Melanie Skura (Q1)


Für jeden Abiturjahrgang werden zentral Schwerpunkte für das Land Berlin festgelegt. 

Sonja Belitz, Fachleiterin Englisch

Videoprojekt "Driving Miss Daisy"

Der Grundkurs Englisch bei Frau Lasner hat sich innerhalb des 2. Semesters intensiv mit dem Drama „Driving Miss Daisy" von Alfred Uhry beschäftigt und dabei ein Videoprojekt realisiert, welches nach dem Format „explainity" gestaltet wurde. (Original Format siehe:

Ziel des Formats ist es, mit stark vereinfachten gestalterischen Mitteln komplexe Sachverhalte auf ihren Kern zu reduzieren und in anschaulichen Videos zu erklären. Entstanden sind Videos in englischer Sprache zu den Protagonisten sowie dem Handlungsort des Dramas.

Vor einem Jahr hatte ich die Möglichkeit an einer Sprachreise nach England teilzunehmen. Mein Bruder und ich waren erst etwas verunsichert, da wir vorher noch nie eine solche Reise unternommen hatten. Doch schon auf dem Hinflug wurde klar, dass es eine tolle Zeit wird. In Scarborough angekommen wurden wir von einer netten Gastfamilie empfangen. Der Gedanke in den Ferien am Sprachunterricht teilzunehmen, war anfangs nicht sehr prickelnd. Doch dieser ging nur zwei Stunden und man lernte sich gut kennen. Die Angebote am Nachmittag waren super. Man konnte Paintball spielen, surfen, Wasserski fahren und vieles mehr. Auch mit dem Bus quer durch England zu fahren, um Städte zu besichtigen, mit Leuten, die man schon recht gut kennt und auch befreundet ist, macht halt einfach Spaß. Krönender Abschluss der Reise waren die beiden Tage in London mit viel Sightseeing und Shopping. Die zwei Wochen gingen viel zu schnell vorüber, aber ich erninnere mich immer gerne an sie.

Vitus Kukertz


London Diary (Leistungskurs Englisch, Frau Belitz)

Interested in a year abroad?

Hello everyone,
I am Lucie Kieschke and I went on an exchange to Brazil for a year. The Rotary Youth Exchange offers students to go to almost any country in the world. If you or your child are thinking about a year abroad as well I am happy to help you and answer questions about the exchange program and all the experiences I have made. You can contact me anytime: lucie.kieschke((at))

Liebe Schüler

ich war für 10 Monate in Kanada und bei Bedarf gebe ich euch gerne Tips und erzähle euch von meinen Erfahrungen im Ausland. Ihr könnt mir dafür unter dieser e-mail Adresse scheiben: annelindstedt((at))
liebe Grüße, Hazel

von Valerie Monier, 12. Jahrgang

In der Woche vom 3. bis 8. Dezember nahmen unser Gymnasium sowie die Louise-Schroeder-Schule (OSZ) an dem Seminar "Die Welt is(s)t ... Globalisierung und Ernährung" teil. 14 Schülerinnen und Schüler aus dem Grund- und Leistungskurs Englisch (12. Jahrgang) bei Frau Belitz besuchten von Montagmorgen bis Samstagvormittag das Wannseforum und sammelten dort reichlich Erfahrungen sowie neue und interessante Ideen zu den Themen Globalisierung, "Bio", Massentierhaltung oder Essensverschwendung.

Doch neben den aktiven Recherchen, spannenden Exkursionen und Interviews der vier Arbeitsgruppen (Figurenspiel, Audio, Film und Web-Blog) gab es natürlich auch jede Menge Spaß sowie gutes Essen, Spiele-Abende, eine Disco und Vieles mehr!

Vor unserer Abreise wurden die Ergebnisse aller vier Gruppen unserer Schulleiterin Frau Dr. Wittkowski und unseren Gästen vorgestellt, was später mit einem köstlichen Buffet belohnt wurde. Besonders engagiert waren auch die Seminarleiter des Wannseeforums. Ich habe in dieser Woche sehr viel dazu gelernt und hoffe, wir können alle etwas davon in unsere Lebensführung einbringen.

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